Altitude Training

We utilise the Cloud 9 Altitude system to tailor individual altitude training programmes to enhance your performance.

Allowing you to up your game

At Revolution Sports Injuries Clinic we use the Patented Cloud 9 equipment from Sporting Edge UK, which allows us to replicate altitudes up to 5000m, and tailor training sessions to enhance your athletic performance. 

The innovative Cloud 9 system produces adjustable ‘Altitude air’ which is fed into an altitude mask system. A pulse oximeter allows us to measure blood saturation (effect of altitude training) and heart rate whilst training on ‘Altitude Air’. This provides a measurable way to monitor performance and adjust the altitude from Cloud 9 to influence the level of training for the individual.

What are the benefits of altitude training

If you are interested in improving your performance level for your next race or competition you can incorporate altitude sessions into your training routine to gain the following benefits:

  • Increase exercise intensity
  • Sustain more intense effort for a prolonged time
  • Improve your training performance level

For more information please contact us or read more in our blog article.

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